Finding a Good Locksmith in the UK

There are more than 2,000 qualified locksmiths in the UK, so finding a reputable supplier is really a case of checking around. Ideally, look for a locksmith registered with the Master Locksmiths’ Association (MLA). The MLA is recognised by the Home Office and sets the standards within this trade. Locksmithing is not a licensed trade, so anybody can set up in business as a locksmith whether they have qualifications and professional experience or not.

Good Locksmith
Word of mouth and local reputation are a good way to source locksmiths within your neighbourhood, but finding a supplier who has MLA Approval is really the best option for householders and business owners who need to be sure properties are continually secure. MLA Approved is a scheme that ensures regular vetting and inspection of locksmith premises, as well as confirmation the locksmith has relevant qualifications.

Like many professions, locksmithing has its fair share of rogue operators. Any locksmith claiming to be accredited or trained by organisations other than the Master Locksmiths’ Association could well have paid for certification or accreditation from a company which does not actually specialise in the trade of locksmithing. It’s far better to be safe than sorry, so checking credentials of locksmiths can be vitally important. Consumers rushing around for the cheapest or quickest deals could have problems down the line if their chosen locksmith proves to have criminal tendencies or fails to ensure a good job of work.

Very often contacting national locksmith call centres can result in unqualified or unknown local locksmiths arriving to carry out the required job. It’s much better to choose a local supplier who is a registered MLA locksmith and has a good reputation in the neighbourhood.

Locksmiths can cut new keys for home and business properties, change locks and provide emergency assistance when individuals are locked out of premises or sites. Changing vehicle keys and programmable locks are also common jobs conducted by auto locksmiths. Business users looking for master key system locksmiths are advised to find professionals specialising in this field, where possible. Where keys for safes, safety deposit boxes and other secure stores need changing or replacing it’s beneficial to choose an MLA qualified locksmith, with good technical skills. Your professional locksmith can also give you good advice on the best ways to retain the security of your home and premises. You will find locksmiths operating from mobile vehicles, local and city-based shop units and larger locksmith companies employing a number of skilled professionals. Take time to research your chosen supplier before placing any order for keys or lock changes, it’s important you opt for a reliable, trustworthy supplier.