How to pick a Conveyancing Solicitor

If you have just embarked on the house buying or selling process you will need to start looking for a legal representative to complete the necessary paperwork and undertake the essential proceedings required by law. You do however have several options when it comes to choosing your conveyancing representative and it is very important to be able to make an informed choice. This article helps you to know what to look for and what to avoid when choosing your legal team.

Conveyancing Solicitor

Solicitor or Conveyancer?

There are two choices when it comes to selecting legal representation to buy or sell a property – a solicitor or a conveyancer. Although both are qualified to represent you there are differences. A solicitor has completed a law degree and is fully qualified to practice in all aspects of law. They have a broader scope of powers including being able to take cases to court. A licensed conveyancer is only trained and qualified in conveyancing matters and cannot practice in any other areas of law. A conveyancer may be employed by a law firm, may practice independently or may even be employed by an online conveyancing service. Generally a conveyancer’s services will be cheaper than a solicitor’s fees however a solicitor may be a better choice if there are likely to be complex matters to deal with in regard to the property such as border disputes or planning permission problems.

Availability and Efficiency

One of the aspects you should consider when choosing a conveyancer or solicitor is how efficient they are. If your chosen representative is slow to return your calls, fails to submit paperwork in a timely manner or is a poor communicator, the legal transfer of your property is likely to suffer from undue delays. Choose a conveyancer who you feel you can trust and with whom you can build a positive relationship. For Conveyancing Cardiff there are solicitors with a great record of availability. a It is vital to choose someone who can explain matters clearly, who is approachable and, most importantly, keeps you informed as to the progress of the matter.


How much you need to pay your legal representative is a major consideration. Make sure that you get a clear idea of all the costs you are expected to cover as some firms quote low prices but then you later discover many hidden charges.


One of the questions when choosing a solicitor is how much conveyancing experience they have. In some small law firms the solicitor may handle a wide range of cases but may not have had much specific conveyancing experience. You need to know that your legal representative is an expert. You should also check that they are both regulated and insured for your own protection.


Many people prefer to choose a local legal representative as they have familiarity with the area and will know about any potential issues such as specialist searches that may be necessary. It may however be cheaper to use a convenient online service.