The Features and Benefits of a Garden Room

Your home is important, both as a place of refuge and as a place to invite close friends and family into. In the summer months, the yard becomes an extension of your home, a place to enjoy the sun and out of doors, but this is mostly lost in poor weather. A garden room can become a wonderful addition to your home, creating a natural space that is as close to being outside as you can get while remaining protected from the elements. the following article will discuss what a garden room is and the different types of garden rooms that exist.

What is a garden Room?

A garden room can range significantly but always has the following characteristics.

  1. A space inside the home.
  2. Filled with natural sunlight allowed inside via one or more large windows.
  3. Able to foster potted plants as an indoor garden.Although a garden room can be something as simple as a large bay window, usually a garden room is an extension built onto the home that has walls made of clear panes, either glass or plastic, and can have a transparent or solid roof. The main characteristic of all garden rooms is to allow as much natural sunlight into the room as possible. Using insulated materials will allow for more enjoyment in colder months and less of a cost to heat, depending on the climate of the location. large amounts of sunlight makes this the ideal place to bring plants from your garden inside your home to enjoy al year long, hence the name ‘garden room.’

    Why a garden Room?

    There are many benefits to including a garden room in your home. First and foremost is that fact that they are an extension of your home and increase your indoor living space significantly. Most garden rooms are not full blown home additions and are relatively inexpensive in comparison to an addition. These types of garden rooms don’t require special building permits in most areas, and thus make them less of a headache to plan for. Simply choose a location, contact a contractor and build! In winter months, insulated garden rooms that are not in use are the ideal storage locations for summer best kept out of the winter elements. A garden room is ample protection from the elements and thus a great storage option when not in use.

    The entertainment and enjoyment gathered from a garden room is obvious, enjoy increased living space for entertainment, safe from surprise rain and pesky insects yet still close to sunlight and your growing garden. Use it for summer dining to keep cool, or for keeping warm during the chiller winter months while still being close to nature.


    Garden rooms are a great addition to any home, increasing the enjoyment you get from your home while also increasing the home’s value. Be confident that you can enjoy your garden room in all weather, rain or shine, and have all the benefits of the outdoors with the comforts of being inside with a garden room.