Which Lock is right for my Home?

Home security is a serious concern in these days, and it helps to know what devices are available to secure and make safe your home. Every homeowner has the right to feel safe in their place of residence. The simplest and most effective way to secure your home is through the use of door locks. The following is some information that should be considered when securing your home.

Home Door Lock

Types of Locks

When it comes to home door security, there are really only two kinds of locks, these being the dead bolt lock and the traditional knob/lever lock. Dead bolts are more secure while the locks that come installed within the door knob or door handle are less robust. The reason is that the throw, the part of the lock that sticks into the door frame, is longer with a dead bolt. Each of these lock types comes in one of three grades: 1, 2 or 3. Quality 1 is the highest grade, while quality 3 is the lowest. These grades correspond with the quality of the material and construction of the lock.

Use Types for Locks

When looking at securing your home, it is important to think about what the lock will be used for. Is the door your front entrance, or is it a bathroom door? Is it crucial that the entrance be easy to access or if security is more of a concern? Each of these cases falls under one of three categories: privacy, passage and entry. Entry points are the most important to secure and should be secured with the use of dead bolts and higher quality locks. A bathroom or study, however, falls under the privacy category and needs only to be secured against interruption. Passage applies to high traffic areas and these may not need to be secured at all. The rule of thumb is that the more security you install, the less easy it is to access that area. Consider this when planning out your home security.

Other Considerations for Security

The look of a lock can be important as well, although this has less to do with security and more to do with the aesthetics of the home. Usually it is desirable to match the lock to the door. Consider as well the type of door that you’re installing your lock into. It won’t matter how robust a lock you install is if the door is mostly screen, an intruder can easily bypass the lock and circumvent the homes security.

Home security is an important aspect to any home where locks are only the beginning. Security alarm systems, surveillance systems and monitoring companies add more to the security of a home but a strong door and a good lock remain the most effective defence against intrusion.