Why choose uPVC for your roofline

When it comes to roof maintenance, it is widely known that fascias, soffits, gutters and cladding are very efficient at protecting your roof and home from weather damage. However, these finishing touches are often neglected and can cause serious structural issues in the future. There is one effective solution that is proving to be very popular – uPVC. Un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, or uPVC, has recently become a highly recommended material for roofs and windows for a multitude of different reasons.

uPVC Roofline

Facade and roof of commercial building.

Firstly, uPVC is far more affordable than other roofline materials such as timber, wood and aluminium. This is definitely not the most impressive advantage when considering other reasons why uPVC is the best choice for your roofline, but it is certainly a nice added bonus.

uPVC is also extremely durable. Due to its complex chemical composition, this robust material is not only weather and fire resistant, but will not rot, flake or discolour. Aside from saving money in the long run, this is a great way to ensure that your roofline is well protected.

Available in many different shapes, colours and finishes, a uPVC roofline can be designed and installed to perfectly compliment the exterior of your home. With the clean lines that this material offers, it can not only make your home look attractive but can also add value to it making uPVC a decent investment. The fact that uPVC acts as a good insulator is also an attractive benefit of choosing this material for your roofing needs. This too adds value to your home whilst reducing your energy bills.

Perhaps the greatest thing about choosing this material is the fact that it requires very little maintenance compared to traditional timber fascias. Timber and wood tend to rot and even aluminium tends to corrode over time. Discolouration is also a frequent issue and can make your roofline look tired and untidy. uPVC on the other hand, does not bend, warp, flake, rust, rot or fade. Many manufacturers claim that a uPVC roofline will remain maintenance free for up to 40 years and most provide a 10-year guarantee with their fascias, soffits and guttering. In fact, just a quick wash with a bucket of warm soapy water once in a while is all the maintenance your roofline would need if kitted out in uPVC. For Soffits Newport uPVC has been incredibly popular

With an increase in environmentally-friendly solutions being provided for home and garden maintenance, it is important to note that using uPVC is also great for the environment. This versatile material is 100% recyclable and as it can last for up to 40 years, it won’t need replacing as often as timber or wood rooflines would.

It is very clear that for many reasons, uPVC is considered the best material to use. Taking all of the benefits into account, this strong, high-quality material is not only cost-effective but extremely long-lasting.